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Common Questions 

Frequently asked Questions 

Are your machines user-friendly and easy to use?

Our machines are the latest models with highly durable batteries and easy to use controls. Our driver upon delivery will also provide a thorough explanation of how to use and take of the machines.

Do you provide free delivery and pick up?
Yes, we provide free delivery and pick up on the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane area. Contact us and confirm if your area is within our free delivery range.
What is the minimum amount of time I rent out a machine?

A machine can be rented for a day, but the cost will still be $149 as it is the rental period.

What is the procedure if I am interested in extending beyond the rental contract?

Contact us and our team will easily be able to arrange for an extension over the phone.

What is the procedure if I am having issues with the machine?

Refrain from using the machine and contact us. We will arrange fir a driver to come out and check out the machine or provide a replacement.